Community Land Register

The Local Government Act 1999 requires Council to keep a register of all community land in the district.  
All local government land (except roads) that is owned by Council or is under its care, control and management, is classified as community land unless it has been specifically excluded from that classification by Council.
Council’s Community Land Register comprises a table listing all the community land in the district, including a list of local government land excluded from this classification.  


Community Land Management Plans

Council is required to prepare and adopt management plans for its community land which must be in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999.  This includes the Major Sport and Recreation Precincts across the Adelaide Plains Council that are defined as community land.  The community land management plans provide a framework for Council to manage, develop and maintain its community land for the benefit or enjoyment of the community.

Council has grouped its community land under nine categories so that it can be managed efficiently and effectively:

  1. Major Sport and Recreation Precincts
  2. Natural and Coastal Areas
  3. Recreation Reserves
  4. Other Sport and Recreation Facilities
  5. Community Facilities
  6. Formal and Memorial Gardens
  7. Culturally Significant and Historic Areas
  8. Cemeteries
  9. Stormwater Management



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