16 February 2018

Media Release - Northern Food Bowl DPA

Adelaide Plains Council (APC) is thrilled to report that today the Northern Food Bowl Protection Areas Development Plan Amendment (DPA) has been approved by the Minister for Planning, the Hon John Rau MP.

16 February 2018

Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority

Adelaide Plains Council (APC) has today been formally advised that a decision has been handed down by the Hon Geoff Brock, Minister for Local Government, in relation to APC's request to withdraw from the Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority (GRFMA).

7 February 2018

Updated - Korunye Rail Crossing Road Closure and Detour

As part of the Upper Yorke Peninsula Regional Road Network Upgrade Program, the rail crossing at Mallala, Paddy’s Bridge, Gordon and Verner Roads near Korunye will be upgraded by realigning the roads in the approach to the crossing to reduce the sharpness of bends. Please click 'Read More' for more information.

1 February 2018

Notice Of Public Hearing - South Australian Local Government Grants Commission

The Commission will be visiting Adelaide Plains Council at 10:30 – 12:00pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018, to hold discussions with elected members and staff, and with any members of the public in attendance at the hearing.

Wellbeing and Resilience Training

Start Date: 19/02/2018
End Date: 19/02/2018

Wellbeing and Resilience Training

Start Date: 20/02/2018
End Date: 20/02/2018

Cinema Under the Stars 2018 - Sing

Start Date: 23/02/2018
End Date: 23/02/2018
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